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Таис Никитенко

Авторская картина "FREEDOM"(Саржант Алексей)

  • Размер Количество Цена
  • Открытка (10x12) 500 из 500 20  р.
  • L (30x36) 100 из 100 350  р.
  • XL (40x48) 50 из 50 850  р.
  • Оригинал 50x60 см 33900  р.
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  • Альбом для
  • марок 460  р.
  • открыток 670  р.
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Авторская картина "Freedom" написана маслом на грунтованном холсте
Размер: 50х60 см.
Автор: Саржант А.Н. 2020 год. Россия.
Welcome, dear ladies and gentlemen! My name is Alexey Sarzhant, I am a self-taught artist, I have a school diploma from an art school, but I learned everything myself. In my work, you can see not only the style and inner world of the work, but also immerse yourself in emotions and feelings, looking at my work. All my works are written with trepidation and soul-searching.Please note that the shade may differ in the photo, I will send a detailed video on request!

Саржант Алексей
Саржант Алексей
Россия, Ижевск
Welcome, dear ladies and gentlemen! My name is Alex Sargent, born and raised in the small town of Izhevsk, Russia. From an early age, he was fond of art, graphics, and painting... during his school ye... Подробнее

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